Monday, 17 December 2012

O My Dears One Learns Something New Every Day

        How painful to admit
                                  so many cakes later
                    that due to sloth
& one’s terror of inadvertent
                                        flour inhalation
                    one has missed
                                                  a trick
         but one is not above
                        confessing one’s peccadilloes.
  One speaks, O my dears, of decades
of denial:
                         all that faff
                                           with the sieve
                                resulting, as it turns out,
                  in a lighter sponge.
    Who knew?
                One will now don
                                 one’s sheepish apron
hold one’s breath,
                   sift as if one’s life depended etc,
            apply heat          
                                & revel in
  this frankly indecent expansion.
             O my dears, how

Jacqueline Saphra's latest collection is The Kitchen of Lovely Contraptions. You can read more of her work on her blog.

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