Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Misunderstanding by Porky The Poet

He laid the box before her
Unloaded each component
Smiled with his achievement
And ordered them with pride

"There's plain and there's self raising
In types both weak and strong,
Wholemeal and organic
(Which doesn't keep so long)

There's walnut, rye and cornflour,
Almond, rice and spelt,
Chickpea known as 'besan'
And arrowroot as well!

I got some malted wheatgrain
Not to mention good old 'brown'
Peasemeal and Casava
You can really go to town!

Potato, hemp and sorghum
Tapioca too
I bought them all for you!"

She shook her head and left that day
It only took two hours
And her note read;

"What I said was
You don't bring me flowers"

Porky The Poet has just finished performing his show 27 Years On at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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