Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vagrants Spray Tan Day by Sophie Herxheimer

Samantha and Amanda at a caravan party
Samantha’s bandana has a smart mandala charm
Amanda’s vast lacy bra and pants attract a madman attack;
damn, blast, rats. Alas Alack!
Swap sagas fancy strappy sandal gals-
Samantha: rant aghast at that bad man, (what a cad.)
Amanda: chant mantras, facts; draw, pray (draw all day?)
Ha ha, what a drama, what a plan. Abracadabra!
Pals can shaft a crap daft day; act calm, dash away-
Stay? Gas, chat, talk and talk, blah, blah, blah,
(baklava, tart, nata, any pastry snacks, what larks,
Madam A and Madam S: rat a tat tat at a handy caff.)
That’s always a fab lardy way. That’s class.

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