Thursday, 27 September 2012

Layer Cake by Tiffany Anne Tondut

alexandra pal
ace crumbling
on its upturned
bowl of green
& golden
its burns to think
how we first kissed
up here when she
was just a side
dish so i hear that
shes your lover
now u tell me how
youve moved into
a house so soon
well sugar i dont need
to know or hear
why it never was
us two ‘cause some
times lovers never jam
oh now youve got
engaged to her?
thats news to me i lost
my new fur stole
btw it must have
slipped from off
my arm was stolen
by some sponger
on the street no
doubt some lady
tramp wrapped up
in my molasses
well if anything
i’ve learned that
nothing tastes
so tart as sweetness
lost so bitter quick
- its not the thing
you lose that hurts
its shitting
what youve savoured
& wont ever taste again.

Tiffany Anne Tondut has recently published her e-chap book The God of Love is Stained with Silkworms Ink. She likes her cakes hard-boiled, noir, with a tender twist.

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