Tuesday, 11 September 2012

tbsp. by Judi Sutherland

In my mother’s kitchen there were no scales,
all weighing was done by tablespoon;
for flour and sugar, a perfect ounce
heaped as much above as there is below.
With baking-soda, eggs and marge
we’d make sultana scones, jam tarts,
sandwich cakes, not fancy, nothing requiring
the Be-Ro Book; all from memory.
Plain cooking, fit for a plainer life,
a recipe of 
expect the worst

in a stir of gossips, con-artists
and nosy-parkers, no-one you can trust.
She baked as she lived, liked only what she knew,
shunned the unfamiliar. I wish her life
had been ruled by the mantra of the mixing bowl;
as much above as there is below.

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