Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hope You Approve of My by Nia Davies

Ever since the incident with the ginger
boyfriend and the ginger-
bread men,

I never baked a thing ‘til this
tin of non-stick with
ten scooped shell dips

for piping courgette-laced mix
to be zucced up to a crisp.
Each madeleine

will fit the arc of the palette.
Our mouths, big toe sized,
say: lo and behold

this is good! I coasted
the pips to fit just into but out of it,
thought again of My First Parmesan:

in the house of Yarnit (at home Mum
 and I ate courgette soufflé
with a lettuce leaf).

I’m still deferring my questions
to their expertise: Parmesan
or Parma Reggiano? And

now the Yarnit sisters,
standing on my step a cake to each hand.
Try my toe-cakes, please.

Approve! Yes,
approve me

Nia Davies's first pamphlet Then Spree is forthcoming from Salt. She blogs here.

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