Thursday, 18 October 2012

James Sixth and First by Sean Jones

"that which hath so bound and firmely knit the hearts of all 
your MAJESTIES loyall and Religious people unto you, that
your very Name is precious among them, their eye doeth
behold you with comfort, and they blesse you in their hearts"              
 - dedication in the King James Bible.

Great and manifold 
rough puff (bread Sovereign)
thick, and palpable
clouds of butter
cannot overshadow your MAJESTY

A fall to the ground
not suffered, rather
taken up.
In your chiffon king
of Great Britain, Ireland &c.

Tranquil peace at home
and abroad.
French fancies
the heavenly hand enriched
far and near to 
urge and excite
humble craving.

Into the English tongue
the fruit thereof
extends itself
hammered on their anvil
of deep judgement, apprehended.

Mary, Paul (Popish persons)
will malign us.
Such importance might justly require
ill meaning, discontent.

Their contentment does not
diminish or decay
vehement desire perpetuated.
Happiness, true felicity.
The eye beholds you with comfort

Immediate author of our happiness
more and more kindled.
Do not go backward, slack
though Sun in his strength
to supposed and surmised mists.

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